Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feb 27th Scores

Once again everyone did a fantastic job tonight.  We had a new shooter that took 1st place.  The judges were a little skeptical of Alan's age and after an ID check we found that Alan is in fact over the 15 year age limit (by at least a few years). 

So for the rest of the shooters, here are the scores.

  P O K Total
Alan Wagner* 92 73 89 254
Abbey C 83 79 88 250
Amanda W 91 75 72 238
Ariana G 79 76 78 233
Ashley W 69 75 83 227
Emily H 79 75 73 227
Jake H 80 68 69 217
Mary G 76 57 78 211
Ellisha G 82 45 73 200
Caroline S 69 55 70 194
Ryan K 64 44 54 162
Jack S 77 25 52 154

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb 20th Scores

The scores are really coming up!  Everyone is progressing well.  Let's keep it up!

  Prone Standing Sitting Test Total
Amanda W 93 85 89 13 280
Ashley W 88 76 86 11 261
Ariana G 85 78 83 11 257
Jake H 88 72 83 12 255
Abbey C 76 79 81 12 248
Caroline S 81 56 80 12 229
Emily H 79 57 73 13 222
Ellisha G 84 51 74 11 220
Mary G 77 61 70 8 216
Jack S 80 42 60 9 191
Ryan K 68 55 51 13 187
Calvin A 63 45 64 13 185


* The test had 14 questions

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feb 13 Scores

Ariana G858282249
Amanda W897980248
Abbey C806277219
Ashley W894779215
Jake H804985214
Emily H866856210
Mary G775073200
Ellisha G635667186
Ryan K804339162
John Paul G692464157
Calvin A574649152

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 Pennsylvania State Rifle & Pistol Assn. BB Gun Championship Match

HOST Club: Tussey Mtn. Jr. Rifle Club

LOCATION: Northern Blair Co. Recreational Center

Old Route 220, Tipton, PA

DATE: Saturday March 22, 2008

Eligibility: Open to all Pennsylvania sponsored shooting education teams. A boy or girl may compete through December 31 of the calendar year in which his or her fifteenth (15th) birthday occurs. (NRA Rule 2.3)

A competitor may not compete if permission slip, release form, and adequate proof of age (copy of birth certificate) is not submitted at the time of registration.

Feb 6 Match scores

Tonight we completed shooting 3 positions and another practice test (scored this time).

Off HandSittingProneTestTotal
Ashley W66848413247
Ariana G63897913244
Abbey C72787214236
Calvin A62827510229
Amanda W61648514224
Ellesha G59687614217
Mary G56598311209
Jack S49667512202
Caroline S62586514199
Ryan K48695614187

The test had 14 questions.

Friday, February 1, 2008


We would again like to thank all the kids , parents and grandparents for all their support. We are very pleased and somewhat surprised at the tremendous turnout for the first year of the club. We have been asked where this is all going. These are our thoughts:

Bellwood Sportsmen’s BB Gun Team will run until the State Championship Match on March 22nd. We will spend the next several weeks practicing and studying the Daisy handbooks to prepare the kids. We know that not all the kids will be interested in competing, so we are asking the kids to sign up for the competition, with Adult consent.

Here is a schedule with some dates other than our regular meeting days:
• Practice Match - Sunday, March 9th - Northern Blair Rec Center
• State Championship - Saturday, March 22nd - location TBD

The Team will resume in the Fall with the beginning of the school year. At this time, we would like to create a competition team that will allow us to get more involved with competing against other area teams. We would also like to invite new team members that would like to learn the sport of BB Gun shooting. We are not sure at this point what the schedule for this would be. Please let us know if any of the kids are interested in continuing with a BB Gun Competition Team next year.

If there is enough interest, we may organize some informal matches after the Championship. Possibly once a month at the Sportsmen’s club.

For more information and schedules of events, please visit: -AND-